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Our International Network

Since its establishment, the Law Firm, thanks to its wide network of national and international contacts, has always worked in different countries. In Europe Ceccon & Associates has special relationships with prestigious law firms located in Spain, Great Britain, France, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Russia and Poland.

However, the large network of relations Ceccon & Associates boasts, exceed the boundaries of Europe: the Law Firm has close relations with lawyers in the U.S.A, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Brasil and Argentina.

Furthermore in 2012-2013 Ceccon & Associates opened an Italian Desk in Abu Dhabi: during such period the working relations already existing in the Middle East were intensified and developed in the UAE (mainly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi) as well as in Oman and Qatar.

Lastly the founder of the Law Firm during his long career has had the chance to work and cooperate with foreign professionals based in Morocco, South Africa and Tunisia, creating with them strong working relationships in such new emerging markets.

Ceccon & Associates is therefore able to provide its clients with an integrated legal support, whether in case of judicial disputes pending in front of foreign courts and arbitral tribunals, or during the negotiation and execution of business agreements, thanks to an extensive and well established network of collaborations developed in the course of its activity, including some of the leading law firms both in and outside Europe.

To those enterprises who wish to project themselves beyond national borders, Ceccon & Associates offers an indispensable support also in preliminary and executory operations related to the incorporation of companies, associations, funds and trusts, following the customer step by step, guiding him through the bureaucratic and legal burdens imposed by foreign laws, and ensuring a successful business transaction.


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The Firm handles and manages the most complex disputes in the main fields of civil and commercial law, assisting both...

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