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Federica Ceccon

Federica Ceccon (Padua, September 19th, 1988). Junior Partner.

Admitted to the Bar in January 2016.
She graduated in Law at the University of Padua in April 2013 and joined the Law Firm in May 2013.
In July 2013 she attended a summer course regarding the Common Law system held by the Faculty of Law of the University of Cambridge (UK).
During her period of practical legal training, she mainly focused on international trade law and international arbitration, taking part in different conferences and courses held by “CAM” (i. e. Camera Arbitrale di Milano) and by “ICC” (International Chamber of Commerce) in Milan, Rome and Paris, and other legal institutions.
She participated in the XII Cologne Academy on International Contracts at the Universität zu Köln (German) in September 2014, and in the Training on International Contracts held by the ICC in April 2015, in Paris.
In March 2015 she attended a course concerning IP in Milan, while in winter 2016 she attended a short master in bankruptcy law, regarding especially restructuring procedures.
In December 2016, after a specific course held by Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, she got the title of "Gestore della Crisi da Sovraindebitamento" (a special insolvency procedure applicable to those who are not subject to the ordinary bankruptcy proceedings).
She has always been interested in art. Therefore since 2018 she started focusing on art law and art business. Between May-July 2019 she participated in a course regarding law in the international art market, and in summer 2019 she took part in a course concerning contemporary art, in London.

Fields of interests:

Bankruptcy Law
International Trade Law
Arbitration & ADR
Intellectual Property Rights
Art law
Art business


e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Languages: English, German.


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