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The Firm provides consultation and assistance to individuals and companies in the negotiation, drafting and review of international contracts.

Many common problems can be avoided during negotiations by paying careful attention to the details of the agreement, the identification of potential or recurring "trouble spots", and the clarification of the parties' responsibilities with respect to such issues. It is in fact vital that all contracts are both commercially viable and enforceable.

An understanding of the commercial environment in which the client is operating is important, and the Firm, thanks to an experience over many years, together with an innovative dynamic and multisciplinary approach, is now strong in assisting the most different commercial concerns.

The Firm collaborates permanently with some leading law firms in and outside Europe, coordinating the drafting of documents, the exchange of drafting techniques and the sharing of information, in order to provide a complete and coordinated assistance to che customers, both at domestic and international level.

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Thanks to its multidisciplinary experience, the Firm is able to give advice on every aspect of international business law: from the incorporation of a new company abroad to the fulfilment of the many company’s needs, offering a wide and complete…
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AcLaw Ceccon & Associati Avvocati entra in PwC TLS Avvocati e Commercialisti

Dal 1 luglio 2020 AcLaw Ceccon & Associati Avvocati entra in PwC TLS Avvocati e Commercialisti: l’intero team entra nella struttura. L’operazione si pone a…

ROBERTO CECCON Avvocato dell'anno Corporate - Veneto

Durante l’edizione 2019 dei Legalcommunity Italian Awards, che si è svolta giovedì 11 luglio, al Salone delle Fontane a Roma, l'avvocato Roberto Ceccon – ACLAW…

Le prospettive dei mercati internazionali e le emergenti situazioni di instabilità geopolitica

Pubblichiamo lo stralcio della relazione introduttiva tenuta dal Prof. Avv. Roberto Ceccon all'apertura del convegno "Le prospettive dei mercati internazionali e le emergenti situazioni di instabilità…

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The thirty-year experience in arbitration of the Founding Partner, professor of International Commercial Arbitration at the University of Trento, former...

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