Arbitration & ADR

Arbitration & ADR

The thirty-year experience in arbitration of the Founding Partner, professor of International Commercial Arbitration at the University of Trento, former Secretary General of the International Arbitration Chamber of Venice and member of arbitration panels at the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators of London, at the American Arbitration Association of New York and at the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (D.I.A.C.), has made the Firm a point of reference in the field of arbitration

The main purpose of arbitration is to settle disputes with all possible speed, outside the courtrooms, nonetheless achieving a measure (arbitration award) with the same validity of a judgment, both at a national and international level.

In case of particularly costly disputes, the Firm can accompany its clients on the international market (London), pinpointing the best litigation funding companies in order to acquire the funds necessary to face the costs of the arbitration proceedings.

The Firm has also gained a general and wide expertise in alternative dispute resolution: in addition to national and international arbitration, the Firm provides excellent assistance in the amicable settlement of disputes and in conciliation and mediation procedures.


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