Corporate Restructuring & Bankruptcy

Corporate Restructuring & Bankruptcy

The Firm can offer comprehensive assistance in the field of Bankruptcy Law, mainly focusing on small and medium-size enterprises, and has gained considerable experience in matters such as arrangement with creditors, composition in bankruptcy, debt-restructuring agreements as per art. 182-bis of the Bankruptcy Law, and procedures of extraordinary administration under Legislative Decree no. 270/99 (Prodi-bis Act).

The Firm also operates in the debt restructuring and reorganization of companies along with leading business consulting companies in order to ensure the fulfillment of well-structured and systematic operations aimed at preserving the business as a going concern.

The Firm can also deal with crisis situations affecting natural persons burdened with over indebtedness thanks to the competence of the professional entitled to manage the over indebtedness crisis pursuant to Ministerial Decree no. 202/2014 (regulation disciplining the requirements for entry in the register of the bodies responsible for managing the over indebtedness crisis). Pursuant to Law no. 3/2012 (containing the regulations on the over indebtedness crisis management), the non fallible debtor (a natural or legal person not subject to Royal Decree no. 267/1947), provided that the requirements mandated by law are fulfilled, may have access to a procedure for the management of the crisis and the settlement of his debt exposure. It is a procedure that can offer important benefits to the debtor, above all the partial reduction of his debts, showing an honest and commendable behavior. The Firm can offer the expertise required to face the issues brought by the above mentioned law.

In the context of insolvency proceedings the Firm assists both insolvent companies and creditors, liquidators, trustees, bankruptcy trustees, lenders, also in judicial proceedings.


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