European Union Law

European Union Law

The Firm has an extensive knowledge of European Union Law, which allows it to offer a highly qualified consultancy to its clients in every area of EU Law.

In addition to key subjects such as competition law and free movement of goods and services, the Firm usually deals with issues related to industrial law, intellectual and industrial property rights, environment law, company and commercial law encompassing a European dimension.

The Firm's professionals also provide full assistance in those areas of EU law which are disciplined by specific rules, such as transports, energy, telecommunications.

The Firm can also assist its clients in the various stages of the proceedings before the European Commission and, as for litigation, in those before the European Court of Justice, as well as before national courts and authorities in case of disputes involving EU law issues.

The dedicated team is made up of highly qualified professionals with an ad hoc graduate and post-graduate training, and specific previous experiences in the major European jurisdictions.

Thanks to decades of experience in the field of commercial transaction inside and outside the European Union, the Firm provides its clients not only with skills among the best on the market, but also with a dense network of commercial contacts throughout the Member States and an international network of collaborations with some of the major European law firms.


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The Firm handles and manages the most complex disputes in the main fields of civil and commercial law, assisting both...

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